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Septic Inspections

A septic system receives, treats, and disposes of all the household's waste water. Every time you brush your teeth, flush the toilet, or do your laundry, the septic system goes to work. Simply put, pipes take this water from your home into an underground tank where the water is separated from the solids and other waste and then put through a natural filtration process that eventually puts it back into the groundwater. Because the system is underground and out of view, homeowners may neglect to keep up with proper maintenance and cleaning.

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Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of septic systems is strongly recommended. As a homeowner, it's recommended to have your septic system inspected every 2 to 4 years, even if there are no backups or weird smells being emitted. These systems aren't meant to last forever, and lack of regular maintenance greatly decreases their life expectancy. It's quite common for most people to only have it done when they smell trouble.

Benefits Of A Septic Inspection

Since it is very common for homeowners to neglect regular maintenance and inspections, when a prospective buyer of a home that has a septic system, comprehensive septic inspections are strongly recommended as part of their overall due diligence. Replacing or repairing a septic system can be expensive and stressful. Knowing the condition of the system can help you make a more informed decision and help with your negotiations.

Pro Chek's Comprehensive Septic Inspections

Our licensed and certified technician will perform the following evaluation of the system:

  • Open the inlet and outlet of the septic tank to inspect the condition
  • Open the distribution boxes to inspect their condition and performance
  • Probe the drainage fields to ensure satisfactory drainage
  • Issue a comprehensive report with photos describing our findings with recommendations
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