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Well Water Testing

If the home has a private well, water samples are taken and analyzed by a certified laboratory to determine if the water is potable or safe for consumption and to determine its makeup. The typical extended water profile performed for well water in Connecticut includes testing for:

  • Minerals
  • Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Radon in water

Additional Testing

Additional testing for other parameters such as uranium, arsenic, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) can be ordered if there are any concerns.

In New York, the counties of Westchester and Dutchess require specific and more extensive testing that our Customer Service agent can review with you to determine the best solution for testing.

If a home is on a municipal water system and not serviced by a private well, it is recommended that testing for lead in the water be performed if the home was built prior to 1986. Lead was used in plumbing prior to 1986 and lead concentration may filter into the water.

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