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Mold Testing & Environmental Concerns

Our inspectors can inspect for a number of environmental concerns in and around the home, including:

Mold Testing

Mold growth is a direct result of moisture and high humidity. If the conditions exist where the presence of mold is observed, the inspector will attempt to identify the source of the moisture. Testing for mold can be done by taking a swab sample to identify the type of mold. Additionally, if there is an extensive amount of moisture and the physical presence of mold, air quality testing can be performed to determine the concentration levels of mold spores inside the home as compared to the levels outside the home.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos can only be determined by a lab test. If suspected asbestos is identified, clients may request to have a sample taken to be lab tested. An inspector can identify the possible presence of asbestos but the only conclusive method to determine if the material is asbestos is to conduct lab testing. Sampling must be done by a licensed, certified environmental lab.

Buried Oil Tanks

Buried oil tanks may be present on the property. Our inspector will be looking for signs that a buried tank may have existed by the presence of fill lines and fill pipes.

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