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Energy Inspections

This service is designed for existing homeowners who feel the home is drafty and uncomfortable and who believe their utility bills are unreasonably high. The scans, utilizing infrared technology, will identify areas in the home that are causing excessive drafts and energy loss that result in higher utility expense.

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Results Of A Home Scan

Our technician will provide a report detailing where the areas of concern are related to drafts, energy loss and insufficient insulation. The report will identify each area with thermal image photos alongside traditional photos of each location. Additionally our technician will provide recommendations to correct the areas of concern.

Benefits of a Home Energy Scan

We are not contractors. Our objective is to provide each homeowner the unbiased facts that exist in your home that are causing it to be drafty and uncomfortable resulting in higher energy usage. We are not attempting to sell contracting services but rather give you the information you need to make proper corrections. The Home Energy Scan includes:

  • Infrared Camera – to identify air leakage, cold spots and insulation
  • Moisture Meter –to detect water and moisture problems
  • Gas Meters – to detect natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks

Additional Information

Our fee for the service is $379. Typically it will take about 2 hours to scan the home. We will discuss our finding on site and deliver our report within 24 hours by e-mail.

Blower Door & Duct Testing

Connecticut and New York State now require blower door and duct testing for new construction and renovations to insure that the home is meeting tightness standards. This is part of the energy conservation measures that are being enacted in the building industry:

Pro Chek Home Inspections provides this service to assist building owners, builders and contractors the ability to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy required by each locality for air leakage testing and duct tightness.

Pro Chek is BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified. Our reports are issued on-site. If the testing reveals leakage above the required level of 3 air changes per hour, our technicians will identify the areas that are impacting the results so they can be sealed to obtain a passing result.

Pricing is simply based on the square footage of the home

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