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The Pro Chek Experience – What to Expect and What We Provide

The Pro Chek Experience insures that each of our clients receives the complete attention, service and support from us that they deserve… from the beginning of the home buying process all throughout the time they live in their home.

Starting with their initial inquiry to us regarding our service, they will be greeted by a knowledgeable, supportive staff to help them identify the inspection services they require and corresponding cost. We will carefully describe our services, the cost of each service and confirm all details in a follow up e-mail to the client.

Should the client schedule an appointment with us, they will be assigned a professionally trained and highly proficient technician to perform the home inspection on their behalf on the date and time of their choice. We will also ask our clients if they have any particular concerns about the home. This will be documented and communicated to our inspector.

Usually, within 24 hours of the time of the inspection our Director of Operations will send the report to the client and their agent if they agree to release the information. All of our client reports are confidential and we only release reports to others with the client’s permission. The reports that are sent within 24 hours include:

  • The Comprehensive Home Inspection Report with digital photos.
  • The Summary of Key Issues.
  • The WDI or Termite Inspection Report.

Any Lab tests that a client elects to have performed will follow within several days such as radon testing and water testing. Since these are lab tests results take a few extra days to obtain.

Pro Chek is a licensed radon lab. As a result we conduct the testing, retrieve the monitors and read the results in our own lab. This will save several days from the overall process.

After receiving the reports, our clients have complete access to our inspectors and our customer service staff to answer any questions they might have. We will be glad to review the reports in detail to insure the client has a thorough understanding of the condition of the home.

  • Pro Chek Home Inspection Exclusive Final Walk Thru

A major, distinguishing feature of our service is the “Final Walk Thru”. Once the closing date has been established, we will schedule a return visit to the home at your convenience to conduct the final walk thru with you and your Real Estate Agent. A period of time may have elapsed since the original inspection and the sellers of the home may have agreed to make corrections and modifications. We will check to make sure no changes have developed, insure that the systems and appliances work and to insure there are no last minute plumbing leaks. We will also check to make sure the work the sellers may have performed was completed correctly.

You will be able to proceed to the “closing table” with greater peace of mind!

Your experience with Pro Chek does not end there! As a client of ours, we will be available for you at any time during your ownership of the property.

The Value You Receive By Choosing Pro Chek Home Inspections

  • We perform the Final Walk Thru AT NO CHARGE!
  • We can provide ALL of the inspection services you need. One call get it done!
  • We inspect 7 days per week usually at the client’s convenience!
  • We can usually respond within an hours notice.
  • All of our inspectors are employees of our company and fully licensed and experienced!
  • Our inspectors are highly trained, thorough and client friendly!
  • We utilize the newest technology available!
  • For new construction, we complete an 11 month inspection prior to the builders warranty expiring, AT NO CHARGE.
  • If we miss reporting an issue, following ASHI standards of practice, it is our responsibility to correct.