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Septic Inspections

Pro Chek’s septic inspections are performed by our own in-house Licensed Septic Contractor & Certified Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Inspection Specialist and consists of a Complete PSMA/NOF Inspection of the following:

• Evaluation of the interior plumbing and waste lines leading to the septic tank

• Water flow test to check both the drainage into the septic tank and the drainage system’s ability to handle wastewater.

• Expose (via Digging) & evaluate the septic tank, tank covers, and inlet & outlet baffles, and all interior septic tank components.

• Expose and inspect distribution area and system (if warranted), confirm proper flow of effluent out of tank and distribution via use of a dye tab.

• Inspection of absorption area.

Again, ALL of Pro Chek’s septic inspections are performed by a Licensed Septic Contractor and Septic Inspection Specialist whose background and credentials include training and certification from PSMA, Rutgers University, Penn State University, and others. Many know Pro Chek as a Home Inspection Company, and some assume we are just another Home Inspector throwing a dye tab in the toilet and calling it a septic inspection, but this is NOT the case at all. Our Septic Contractor & Inspector has been a Licensed Septic Contractor for the past 10 years, and is continuously enrolled in new training courses and studies; so much so, that it has already made a positive impact amongst training directors from major universities. The septic inspection procedures that our Pro Chek Team follows is known as the "Industry Standard," and is the PSMA/NOF Septic Inspection. Pro Chek currently performs home and septic inspections throughout NY and CT, both of which DO NOT have any standards or regulations for septic inspections, unlike neighboring states of PA, NJ, DE, and MA, to name a few.

What does this mean? Since NY and CT do not have any standards for septic inspections, this means that every septic inspection performed by different septic companies and/or Inspectors/Contractors will be different. The CT Dept of Health has a suggested Septic Inspection Report template, but there are no set standards as of 2017 for NY and CT.

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